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Storms possible today. Please review Weather > Weather Policy on this site before heading out.

We are continually adding games to the turnback list. Keep checking to add more games to your schedules.

About Referee Payments Keeping in Touch
Checks are cut every four weeks unless you make more than $200 in a two week period. The last request went in on Monday, 6/5 and if you have more than $200 due, checks will be mailed on Thursday, 6/8. If we owe you less than $200, any amount due will be submitted on Monday, 6/19, with checks being mailed out on 6/22.
The primary method of communication with us is EMAIL. Please get in the habit of checking your email daily during the season. Email is the only medium where I can keep an organized paper trail of all changes that regularly occur. THANKS!
Weather Related Reschedules New Game Reporting Procedure
For Travel League Games, rain-outs are pretty much canceled at the field. When in doubt, show up. If you show up and we haven't told you to stay home, you will be paid. If games are canceled due to all-day rain, we will email and text you. We have to wait for the city to close the fields before we can cancel in advance. Remember to review the video sent out by the State Referee Committee regarding the new on-line game reporting process. You'll need to create an account with MYSA and then enter the game number of the game you are reporting. Daunting at first, refs are quickly catching on. If you have questions/problems, please let me know.
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